Medication Reminders

Via Texts or Phone Calls

(You Can't Tune Out)

Easy to set up

No app to download. This website is all you need. We don't ask nosey questions about all of your medications. You supply as short a description as you like, and only for the medication times you find you sometimes miss. For a daily medication, you can say "Morning pills, 10 AM," and you'll be set.

Reminders as relentless as you like

Reminders can come in any, many, or all formats: text, phone call, email.

You can have them come once or many times.

You can silence them with a click or a one-letter text message.

Bells and whistles

You can easily set up irregular schedules for your reminders. Manage medications for a family member and receive notifications when she signals she has taken them or notification if she does not do so. Set up reminders for doctor's appointments or any other kind of appointment. Get appointment reminders the night before. Have the appointments appear on your Google Calendar. Have reminders take the form of a smart light turning on and flashing. Or ignore the bells and whistles completely.

Zealous privacy protection

We take securing your information seriously.

We do not share information with others.

We deliberately do not work with any partners: no advertisers, no pharmacies, no doctors, no health insurance companies, no coupon marketers, no data brokers, no researchers.

For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Let PlzRemind show you

Give us a try for thirty days, for free. All features will be available to you. See for yourself whether our reminders command your attention in just the right way. A subscription costs $5/month.